It has a lot of good buildings including the Trapper’s Cabin. The Unnamed Pond is located south-south-west of the Forestry Lookout and far north-north-east of Trapper's Homestead. A frozen corpse or a backpack can be found inside and searched for what little loot it may contain. Some deer may be seen on the side closest to Mystery Lake. Without any ads and annual paid subscriptions. Lookout - high in elevation - offers a wide view of Mystery Lake that is partially obscured by trees. The main reason to go there is to use it as second forge, allowing to save the trip all the way to Desolation Point. Trapper's Homestead is accessible from a path to the east and a difficult path to the north-east. Usually a round of rifle ammo is found inside. A possible bear spawn is near here and a bear cave. Fishing huts with doors will keep out bears and wolves when closed. It’s a place you can call home, get in, do your looting and crafting and then head back to someplace warmer. Valuable supplies can be found inside the cabins which also provide good protection from the elements. Other interior include Pot Belly Stove, cupboard, drawer and two shelves. You can sometimes find her inside the dam itself. It has 16 locations to loot, including the connector mine with Crumbling Highway. Be careful and prepared. It includes several areas of interest, including Riken, one of two locations that feature a forge. The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake that feeds into Carter Hydro Dam. The ice covering the frigid waters may be thin near the coast’s outer edge. Deadfall Area's sole interest is a ruined building which may contain some loot and a still usable stove. Caution is advised when approaching Clearcut as wolves frequently roam the area. Location on Great Bear Island Other then Mountaineer’s Hut, Ice Fishing Hut is missing a door (so it’s also not warm). The lone lake cabin is located along the eastern shore of Mystery Lake. The lone lake cabin is a single cabin in Mystery Lake. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake that feeds into Carter Hydro Dam. You can find a distress pistol, some flare shells, a human corpse, a deer carcass, rabbits, cattail stalks, a cairn, some other random loot and a full sheltered cave with an improvised bed inside. It is the latest region in The Long Dark Map. A railway crosses the region and is mainly used in the summers supporting the local timber operation and lakeside recreation. Out of ice and along the highway you can spot predators at a distance, making it a perfect place for not getting ambushed by wolves and bears. It is located just west of Train Bridge and north-east of Derailment.

It is often described as a stretch of coastal highway pockmarked with some abandoned remnants of a formerly thriving whaling industry. The Train Loading Area is where lumber was once loaded onto trains to be transported elsewhere. “Ideal for new players. This was shared by Hinterland Studio some time ago, and doesn’t include the new Forlorn Muskeg region that sits to the west of Mystery Lake. Max's Last Stand is directly south of Trapper's Homestead. The Camp Office is a good source of materials and other resources for the player to collect. Forlorn Muskeg has only a few sheltered areas and structures, but most of them are destroyed. Using coffee or sleeping can prevent the player from becoming stranded in the Ravine Basin due to exhaustion. Unfortunately it lies far away from many of the other buildings in Mystery Lake.

Quantum Computing: Pros and cons of quantum computing. There may be some loot nearby to scavenge inside of containers scattered around the carriages.

Timberwolf Mounting has no good place to sleep indoors. Tunnel Collapse is a location to the south in Mystery Lake. It connects the three important regions, including the newest Forlorn Muskeg, Pleasant Valley, and Coastal Highway through Railway. Only go to Timberwolf Mountain if you are geared up and have everything to stay fed and warm. It connects with Mystery Lake, and is full of wolves and bears. The Homestead is a very warm building, a fire will not always be required to warm you up.

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Huawei P30 and P30 pro-Design, Camera and Features. Mystery Lake has many advantages including the great loot. Camp Office is a two-storey cabin located on the western side of Mystery Lake. The forestry lookout sits on a small hill to the north-east of the Unnamed Pond and south of clear cut. It contains a bed, a wood stove, a workbench, and many containers. You might find some wildlife and some loot there. Derailment is a small train wreck in Mystery Lake. Ein guter Orientierungspunkt ist die Eisenbahnlinie, die ungefähr in Ost-West-Richtung quer über die Karte führt. Mystery Lake is one of the primary regions in The Long Dark and the first available for play in Survival mode.The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake fed by the release of water from Carter Hydro Dam.A railway crosses the region and is mainly used in the summers supporting the local timber operation and lakeside recreation. A lonely maple sapling can be harvested here. Both the Camp Office and the Trapper's Homestead make more adequate bases.

This first map is a map of the entire world that makes up The Long Dark. Sony's PlayStation 5: Release date and all you need to know about. The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake fed by the release of water from Carter Hydro Dam. Details This area connects you with the TimberWolf Mountain, Coastal Highway, and Mystery Lake. Max's Last Stand is a location which is at the south-western corner of Mystery Lake and south of Trapper's Homestead. Thanks for telling us. It’s difficult to roam around The Long Dark without a map. Answered all the questions that I need. Locations Up to two wolves may be encountered around the train wreck. The Unnamed Pond is a location on the western side of Mystery Lake. Why it's Huge? There are some cars and caves in this area, they might have something you need. It exists as two separately loading levels each of which has an exit to the outside and serves as a transition zone between Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley. The Carter Hydro Dam near the northeast end of the railroad provides a transition to the Pleasant Valley region. The downside of the Mystery Lake is a whole pack of wolves that roam around it. Once killed, she will not be replaced for the remainder of that game. It was introduced when Hinterland studio added the clothing system in the game. Der Zufluss zum See führt nach Süd-Osten zum Carter Staudamm. A wolf should spawn every 2-3 in-game days.

Several key shelters, plenty of hostile wildlife, and harsh weather conditions to be found around these remnants of a once-thriving whaling industry.”- in-game description. This region is at the end of Coastal Highway, by passing through the Commuter’s Lament, and then onward through Crumbling Highway and No. The first floor features a work bench and a potbelly stove. Frozen Creek is a location upstream of Unnamed Pond in Mystery Lake. I would recommend that a group of people who have become familiar with the loot locations as they are now come together and update these maps and possibly create one for Mountain Town, Hushed River Valley, and Bleak Inlet. Characters The railroad leads into the Ravine at the northeast edge of the map and continues into the Coastal Highway region. The raised path to the door can give you some time to either shoot an approaching wolf or return indoors. The Rail Tunnel entrance can be used to reach Forlorn Muskeg, and a cave near the Trapper's Homestead connects to a rope climbing recreation area of the Mountain Town region. The first map is the entire map of The Long Dark. A measly amount of loot can be scavenged from several frozen corpses scattered around the area. There are many accessible locations within Mystery Lake including: Rich with resources and with a lower concentration of dangerous wildlife than other regions. The region is named after Mystery Lake, a lake fed by the release of water from Carter Hydro Dam.

His proximity to Trapper's Homestead hints that he was the previous owner.

The Trapper's Homestead in Mystery Lake. Thank you very much for this amazing guide, I am so happy I reached you website. Small structures on the ice good for fishing. Interloper spawn This map will come in handy while passing the Pleasant Valley while playingÂ. Nice one. Several rear carriages of a train and a blocked entrance to a tunnel are all that can be found at the Tunnel Collapse. Wildlife in this area mainly consists of wolves and rabbits. Leave early from Coastal Highway to Desolation Point through Crumbling Highway in just one day.Â. It is unknown if bears will enter fishing huts without doors. No Valuable supplies can be scavenged from inside the camp but beware of wolves lurking nearby. Mystery Lake is one of the primary regions in The Long Dark and the first available for play in the Sandbox. These conditions limit to travel outside. The Long Dark maps: All region maps (2020) with a handy guide. Some supplies can be found inside the cabin which also provides good protection from the elements. Mystery Lake is one of the primary regions in The Long Dark and the first available for play in Survival mode.

There are only 5 or so nearby buildings to be searched, so if you have searched these a very long trek must be made to gain additional supplies. 26 This region is mostly flat with some hills surrounding a large, frozen bog. The deep cave near the waterfall and radio tower can also serve as a temporary shelter.

A frozen corpse, maple sapling, cat tail plants and reishi mushrooms can be found by the shore below the bridge. Bahria University official GPA Calculator for the new grading policy. The entrance to the Winding River transition zone can be reached by traveling through Carter Hydro Dam; the transition zone can be used to access Pleasant Valley. This page uses material from The Long Dark wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

A balance between wilderness and man-made shelters, resources, and wildlife.”- In-game description. There is no game; Step by step Walkthrough guide and some amazing facts and secrets. Mystery Lake Deadfall Area is a mostly unremarkable area in Mystery Lake. A narrow, winding road to the Forestry Lookout is accessed from this area. The highway runs along the bay with some houses along the way and a small village. Train Loading Area is a location to the north in Mystery Lake.

Hazards and Survivability Connecting Regions

Carter Hydro Dam in The Long Dark maps can hardly be called home. The dam is a vast multi-level complex with many lockers, boxes, drawers and other containers to search. Train Bridge is between Carter Hydro Dam and Train Loading Area. Mystery Lake. Nördlich der Schienen finden sich ein ausgedehntes Rodungs- Gebiet, ein Förster- Aussichtsturm und im Nordwesten die Hütte des Pelzjägers. Mostly intact building here is bam of the Old Spence Family Homestead, containing a bed, a workbench, and a forge. It connects to Mystery Lake through Ravine, Pleasant Valley and Desolation point through Crumbling Highway.

Timberwolf Mountain features every kind of wildlife.

Timberwolf Mountain is a region that requires the map more than any place in the game. Ideal for new players.

Staying in this area for the night is not a good idea unless you have a bedroll  to sleep in the only indoor building in this region. Artificial Intelligence: Pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence. 3 Coalmine” and the basement of the Abandoned Harris Home. The second floor features a wood burning stove, bunk beds, dresser, cupboard and a table. Forlorn Muskeg,Bleak Inlet (via The Ravine),Coastal Highway (via The Ravine)Pleasant Valley (via Winding River),Mountain Town The dam is inhabited by a wolf, named by The Long Dark community 'Fluffy'. A balance between wilderness and man-made shelters, resources, and wildlife. Mystery Lake is the primary region in The Long Dark map.

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