This means you can do close grip or wide grip versions of the above exercises. However, as I discovered, the X-3 Flat Foot Power Rack is actually 47". Here are the main differences: Shipping costs ~$130-$250+ in continental US depending on location, There IS a short version of the Titan X-3 power rack, There is NO short version available for the Rogue RML-390F power rack, There is a kit available for converting the Rogue SML-2 and SML-3 squat stands into an RML-390F power rack. There is only a short 10" rack extension is available: This is awesome if you want a rack extension for weight plate storage. But you can be sure they're not double the quality. Practically speaking, this will involve doing pull ups and pull up variations on these spheres. I’m debating between the Rogue RML 390 and the Titan X-3. Simply being heavy adds to its stability. Another interesting benefit along the line of accessories and compatibility is the modular design of the racks.

If you're interested in learning more about this rack, I'll point you toward my Force US​​A MyRack review, which has all the additional information you could possibly want. Is Titan Fitness worth your money? That said, there is a scenario where you could run into an issue. As there should be, considering it costs an extra $100! If I didn't have to wait, I would've had to either pay much more for a rack with comparable specs/features, or I would've had to go with a rack that didn't meet my needs as well as the X-3 power rack did.

I began Morning Lifter with the idea to help people workout and why training in the morning has benefits. There are currently three different dip bar attachments available for the X-3: I'll discuss each of these in detail below. ...So if you do indeed want to buy the X-3 power rack for your home gym, then see below for details: I recommend buying the rack from the Titan Fitness website. Assembly is easy and this sucker is rock solid.

The X-3 comes standard with 1 skinny bar (1.25" diameter) and 1 fat bar (2" diameter). In numbers, it racks up to 1,100lbs weights and it handles the total weight of up to 4,400lbs. Each strap is connected on either end by what is basically the same as a J-hook.

With Westside hole spacing, you can add in a lot of aftermarket add-ons from other companies and get a fit (for the most part, though not exclusive). From here, it’s your choice as to which power racks work best for you. This is all thanks to the structure of the pipe and its large size (1 3/4" diameter). It is 3" x 3" and made from 11 gauge steel just like the X-3's uprights are. scratches, dings. Once you have adjusted the pin/pipe safeties to the lowest height setting, you just need to attach the bands: This set up works great for squats, bench and deadlift. There are two versions of the X-3 weight storage pegs: My bolt-on plate holders, before installing them. However, I'm pretty sure you would need to buy different hardware to secure it. This large range of grip widths ensures lifters of any stature - tall or short - can do dips comfortably. So if you want to do band-resisted exercises, then you have use a workaround to attach the bands from the bar to the bottom of the rack. It's just not for me, at this time. As its name suggests, it saves space and it can be used in small training areas where there’s not enough room for a free-standing power rack.

Comes standard with pair of j-hooks, fat and skinny pull up bars, pin/pipe safety bars, 4 weight plate holders and 4 band pegs. The X-3 was perfect for me because it got rid of this problem. But for people who require more uniformity with welding work, you won’t see it here. Possibly even a lifetime? waste your energy and throw off your technique. © 2020 Morning Lifter #StrengthAndLeadership Below, I'll weigh the major pros and cons of the two most likely X-3 alternatives (Rogue RML-390F & Titan T-3) against the X-3. You can use the online instructions to put them together in a few hours yourself. You can pick either a skinny (1.25" diameter) pull up bar OR a fat (2" diameter). I would instead recommend a basic budget rack like the Tit​​an T-2 for those with short term needs.

Second, you're much less likely to have the loaded barbell bounce so hard off the back of the j-hooks that it misses the lip/cup and comes down on you! Compare this to the two workaround #3 and #4, which I discuss below--They have a similar basic premise. I read your T3 review and was ready to purchase…then watched the X3 and changed my mind. With a height of 90”, the R-3 is a rack for tall users. The X-3 wall strip is a very handy, space saving accessory. In addition, the bolts should be separated so not to get them confused when they are opened. And it includes other types dip variations that emphasize the chest, shoulders or triceps more. BOTTOM: Box Containing Hardware, Crossmembers & Accessories (HAX3SHFF), Closeup of Box Containing Hardware & Accessories (HAX3SHFF), Closeup of Box Containing Optional Bolt-on Weight Plate Holders (X3JWHOLD). The standard heights for Crossfit wall ball shots are 9 ft, 9.5 ft and 10 ft. Do you have at least 48" (really, 108" as explained above) x 47" of space available where you want to position the rack?

If you also calculate the transportation and time costs associated with transportation to and from the gym, the rack pays for itself even soon.

If you’re on a budget, the Titan Fitness X3 power rack is still the best overall option for the money. You won't find one unless you go to a more serious strength/powerlifting-oriented gym. This is a neat little trick to have available, especially if you don't have enough headroom using the skinny or fat pull up bars. Thank you again! Here are all of the different depth and height combinations of the X-3 Sumo Base Power Rack: I actually wrote a full Titan X-2 Power Rack review. The R-3 comes with a lifetime warranty. The powdercoating has been chipped off and its been tested through a variety of different lifts. Assuming you have a pair, here's how it'd work for squat and bench: NOTE: This set up won't work for deadlifts since the flip down spotters will be too high, even at the lowest possible setting. I could've saved myself a lot of minor inconveniences and a few pinched fingers over several years by getting a cheap weight tree. ​Any exercise is at least somewhat less safe when the j-hooks and/or spotters are too high or too low.

Once you get to higher band tensions, it becomes less practical to load enough weight onto the rack in the right places--and the consequences of miscalculating the counterweight load required becomes too risky. Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2019. Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2020. I am a weightlifting enthusiast and former college football player.

So as hole spacing increases, the number of possible rack pull heights decreases. You position your body facing up to the ceiling with your legs and torso straight. Highly advanced lifters who need a more robust rack with a higher weight capacity (T-2 has a 700 lb capacity vs the X-3's 1500 lb capacity), Lifters or athletes with specific training prescriptions that require built-in features or optional attachments only available on the X-3 power rack, Lifters with plenty of extra cash and who really want a higher quality rack even if they'll only be using it for a relatively short period, It is a very sturdy power rack with a 1500 lb weight capacity you'll never outgrow. Whatever the specific scenario is, the X-3 might not be the smartest investment if you only need to get a rack for short term/temporary or sporadic use... ...Why? I have the 36" X3. To improve your range of motion and dynamic mobility, especially on overhead and other shoulder movements by doing exercises like the landmine press, landmine front squat, landmine Y-press and landmine Meadows rows, just to name a few. Detailed DirectionsDetail the directions more specifically as to where the bolts go. It's a change of scenery. While the racks from Sorinex or Rogue may be much higher in quality and build grade, it was just not something I could purchase at the time. Titan makes two versions of this. This is great for making squats and bench safer. It’s been a little over a year now since I purchased my Titan X-3 power rack.Over that time, not only has my gym gone through drastic changes, but so has my power rack.A year is a long time to wait for a review, but it’s allowed me to discover what really works, what does not, and what attachments and add-ons have served me best in my own training. But that would require being much more precise when racking the bar. Once the product got here, it was time to organize. Now, it has become my mini sanctuary. Why choose the X-3 over similar racks? J hooks and safety spotter arms fit well (no binding, no floppiness). In this article, I'll give you a comprehensive Titan X-3 power rack review. Use the method described in the previous points if you want to do band resisted deadlifts in the X-3 power rack. For a novice, they may not know where each bolt is supposed to go, but again, through trial and error, you eventually figure it out. You don't want to buy it and end up realizing your rack will only fit if you create a giant hole in your ceiling.​. It designed specifically to train for wall ball shots, which is one of the exercises done at the CrossFit Regionals competition. I tested out a new @baresteelequipment prototype: Chest and back this morning with some great work, Tuesday’s are my big leg and low back accessory, Big chest and shoulders day. Why I Chose the X-3 Flat Foot Power Rack? Each piece includes a 29.5-inch bar with with brackets on either side, which connect to the rack. However, if done right, physics agrees that the counterweight workaround will indeed work. You may want to do exercises that require more freedom of movement in front of, behind or above you.

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