These badges are purchasable in the villagevia special currencies, and were first introduced in "content adventures" (adventures where content added is never removed). share. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is information on furs / costumes that won official contests. transformice fur codes. Badges listed here aren't actually awarded for using the fur like normal furs, but are instead event badges earned by reaching a specific milestone that just happen to correlate with a costume.

Once you buy a fur, you will earn the badge for it, and you can view it in your profile. ",, While furs are commonly released alongside. Love you and these amazing posts for color codes, they're so helpful and I love you for it. Welcome! The category ID for furs is 22. #FFB569 / #1E1A14 / #FE9118 / #2E2016 / #F7A957: 30th fur (2014 Halloween/ rottweiler fur) #F5F5F5 / #736354 / #3A2713 / #43301C : 31st fur (2014 Christmas fur) #EAEAE0 / #9E8277 / #3C303C / #F7E0BE / #FAC497 : 32nd fur (2015 Fishing/ 'Striped marmot' fur) This thread is archived. But I noticed a lot of furs are missing, how did you find the codes for these furs? To try and make the thread more tidy, the fur colors have been broken up into separate tabs. Written as that there is the possibility in the future. They can only be equipped by using a consumable and may last up to 30 minutes. For fur color codes, please check here: Topic 860049. This thread was create to showcase the color codes for furs present in Transformice. Similarly to fur #68, fur #69 does not appear in the store until fur #68 is purchased. Furs and Colors were previously two separate categories in the shop, but now they have been merged into one. Once you buy a fur, you will earn the badge for it, and you can view it in your profile. - #EEADB5shading in the feet & ear & tail - B47786 + DFD4C2wing - 564A5E & 1C1827belly - E9E0D4 & B1A699eye - 1D130E & FFFFFFhope this helps!! Adding the fur to the shop was not part of the prize, however it was added later. Original topics by Admshumaker and Haruhitastic. hide. what animal is it supposed to be? Furs cannot be customized.

I was hoping to find something like this because I wanted to draw an OC with one of the fur's color palettes xd. The consumables can not be bought from the shop. I got permission from Haru to re-re-post this, since she is busy with IRL stuff Thanks to Adm, Haruhitastic and Tummnus for …

I'm asking so I can find the codes for some of the newer furs and use 'em. Sweet ! Does anyone know the colour code for the Pink Lion fur?? Click the image to be brought to the table row. Oh my god, this helped me so much. transformice event. or is it just some purple fur with white stripes? Below you can find a image directory as to which fur is in which tab.

free transformice accounts with fraises. transformice free cheese codes. bat fur colour codes~main body/face - #5C4F62 shading in face - 312835ear & nose & tail & feet ! Want to help out?

Furs and Colors were previously two separate categories in the shop, but now they have been merged into one. transformice fraises code generator. Costumes, also called temporary furs or skins, behave like normal furs, but are temporary. New comments cannot … inculding outfits and so on! Thank you so much to whoever made this. save. Do you guys know the color codes for the new eyes, [Moderated by Inkzooka, reason : Double post].

It was also created due to space limitations in the previous location of these colors.The sister thread of Transformice Fur Color codes, Transformice Color Codes (Third Edition), can be found here: Topic 807657, #FEF4EC: Main fur colour#F9EDE8: Main ear colour#F8E1E0: Belly colour 1 (shaded part)#FFF8ED: Belly colour 2 (non-shaded part)#856B5A: Paws colour 1 (shaded part)#91877C: Paws colour 2 (non-shaded part)#816B59: Feet colour 1 (shaded part)#91857B: Feet colour 2 (non-shaded part)#EAD4A7: Bell colour#E3927D: Ribbon colour#92867C: Eye colour#634032: Eye colour 2, Staff Terms and Conditions of Use Privacy Policy Contact. #B16D42 Main fur colour #F7C7A1 Second fur colour #E2B591 Back Spots colour #701514 Back, ears and upper head colour #503023 Paws and tail colour #FFD262 Eyes … Originally many purchasable furs didn't have a badge, but badges where released for them one at a time over a year later. hi!!

These are rlly cool ! Colors do not come with badges. i know it's been a while since the purpley fur with white stripes was released, but it seems like nobody really knows what it is, so i thought i'd ask you. main body/face - EEEBDC + 100F0Eear - FFA801 + FF6E05main body - 242321 + EBE9DCnose - 322E2Cbelly - 817D74 + 625D57feet - 100F0E + EBE3D8tail - EEEBDC + F68A18fire colours on head/tail - F89219 + FFB425, #B16D42 Main fur colour#F7C7A1 Second fur colour#E2B591 Back Spots colour#701514 Back, ears and upper head colour#503023 Paws and tail colour#FFD262 Eyes colour#000000 Nose and ears tips colour, Staff Terms and Conditions of Use Privacy Policy Contact.

Hope you like the new thread. Hello everyone! "General 2016 Adventure Guides & Discussions", "❤ Marynelicius Gallery ❤ designs and drawings", "Create a Fur Competition [Results at 4pm GMT, "Albinoska nie ma noska, a Edynia je kokoska - wątek przeniesiony", "Create a Fur Competition - #TFM10 - Results! Badges from furs can also be obtained once a fur is gifted by another player. I love this thread and use it all the time. Fur #68 does not appear in the store until fur #67 is purchased. IDs for costumes match "missing IDs" in the IDs column for furs. 0 comments. 75% Upvoted. report. Post color codes here and i'll add them! Swapping or taking off furs in the shop will take off the costume, so you may want to ensure to not have any equipped before using the consumable.

Color Code Wood #D4B699 #A27C5B; Ice #CADDE7 #88B5CC; Trampoline #624181 #40235B #926CB4; Lava #B32B01 #F59605 #FAD100; Chocolate #AA8262 #6A3313; Ground + grass + snow #ECF3F5 #658010 #301A0C #AF773D #684422; Sand #EFDF79 #EACA54 #BB9428; Water #6DA7AF; Stone #B7B2A3 #5E584B; Default square/circle color #324650 Transformice Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. very helpful thread for players.

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