The remarkable feature that gives this spider its name is found on its pedipalps. This species is roughly one centimeter in length and has a lifespan up to two years. Platycryptus Undatus, also known as the Tan Jumping Spider, can be found in Canada and the US, or even in tree barks… Anasaitis canosa, previously of the genus Corythalia, is a small jumping spider that can typically be found atop leaf-litter or man-made structures such as fences and exterior walls.This species is more commonly known as the twin-flagged jumping spider due to the two pennant shaped markings on the dorsal side of the cephalothorax. Anasaitis canosa is most often sighted outdoors, and during the month of May. There are some variations among the species, but a few features are consistent between them. Though the abdomen may be smaller in some individuals, it comes to a point at the tip, and has a white dash right in the center. Anasaitis canosa (Twin-flagged Jumping Spider) has been sighted in the following countries: United States. Once aligned, the spider will leap and puncture the ant on the dorsal side of the head or thorax. Initially they will hold these darkened appendages laterally while maneuvering to face the female directly.

In this position, the dangerous mandibles and stinger are incapable of inflicting damage.

When I got home I absentmindedly started trying to figure out what species it was, and found myself on a Facebook group devoted to jumping spiders… Anasaitis canosa (Twin-flagged Jumping Spider) Family Genus Species. The small Twinflagged Jumping Spider is mostly black with two or four white marks on its cephalothorax (head plate). Austin, Texas, United States. Females are generally larger with relatively larger abdomens, more uniform coloration among the legs and pedipalps are blunt ended.[3]. Anasaitis canosa spiders have been sighted 16 times by contributing members. A large, perhaps faded, white ring encircles this dash, and some light colored chevrons may break the ring as they stretch from the dash to the end of the body.

Based on collected data, the geographic range for Anasaitis canosa includes 1 countries and 7 states in the United States. Submitted Apr 4, 2019; Photographed Apr 4, 2019; As is common with Salticids, this species uses its silk as a tether whenever leaping. Males typically have a slender abdomen, darker anterior appendages and the embolus is spade shaped and bent basally.

Instead, they are used to help sense the environment. In the event of a miss, they will climb up this silk line back to the previous perch.

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