If I were to apply to Stats + CS as my 1st choice and Stats as my 2nd choice, would it be best for me to focus on CS in the first essay and then Stats in the 2nd essay to avoid being redundant about my interest/experience for Stats? Make sure you have evidence to back up your interest in the major you intend to pursue, and also make sure you can tie it back to the department of interest. Perhaps you have been taking band since you were in the 6th grade. After completing the two introductory PLTW courses and with top scores on the National PLTW End-Of-Course Test, I chose to take Digital Electronics as my specialization course for my senior year.

You could describe your experience in the tutoring club at your high school and how great it feels to be able to help a peer improve their schoolwork. Have I omitted any vague statements that leave my reader needing more information?

), How to Write the Best Conclusion for Your College Essay, How to Write the Coalition App Essays (2018-2019): The Impressive Guide, How to Write the MIT Supplemental Essays: The Elite Guide, The UC Personal Insight Questions 2020-2021: How to Write Every UC Essay, How to Write the Harvard University Supplemental Essays: The Elite Guide, How to Write the Stanford Roommate Question & Other Supplemental Essays (Examples Included! These two factors work together to tell your story. Think about which topics you can write most passionately about and those for which you have examples of inspiration and initiative (as defined above).

Why this is good: Although it is a bit cheesy, this writer uses flair to introduce his or her passion for math. When speaking about your high school years and how you made a difference, avoid discussing positions you held or organizations you participated in exclusively. Therefore, there is an enormous onus on you to show you are unique and personable while showing you are a competent writing and have a strong academic commitment. You may begin to see a common thread such as “being physically active” or “helping people in need.”. From birth, doctors predicted bad things for me based on my environment, including that I would not be intelligent, because I lacked proper motor skills and speech proficiency. If you spend the beginning of your essay talking about your amazing experience on a hiking trip and how much you like the outdoors but then tell the reader you would like to study Culinary Arts, your essay will be disjointed. I know it is perfect because of the... Out of breath, I settle down in my three point stance. If your application is aimed at the university's Division of General Studies, describe your scholarly strengths and interests or your career aims for the future.

However, perhaps your heart is torn between becoming a computer science major or studying English to become a teacher.

Ironically, this was the moment I first convinced myself that I should actually compliment my strengths and pursue a STEM-related career in the future.

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