I, personally, like to throw in some bird seed and lentils for my uro. It will also have naturally higher humidity levels, making it easy for the uromastyx to get comfortable. Uromastyx geyri is one of the few species that can successfully cohabit. Many uromastyx visit the exotic vets for treatment for ingested feces, which were inadvertently eaten along with the millet bedding. 6-9 inches (15-23 cm) from the bulb to uromastyx is often optimal. Ball Python Humidity Guide - Ideal Range, Too Low or High, Leopard Gecko Morphs and Color Variations, Iguana Pet Types and Types Of Green Iguanas (Morphs). After you setup lighting and heating and clean the tank, it’s time to add substrate. As for the feet, they feature short toes complete with claws for digging.

Unlike snakes, lizards shed their skin in patches, not all in one piece. Each one is equipped with a large spiny tail that takes up about a third of its body! A large size tank is necessary due to their thermoregulation requirements. As they have recently gained in popularity, buying them has become much easier. However, this is best reserved for owners with a fair bit of experience. The Uromastyx have variations of grey colorations in colder temperatures and tan/brown colorations in warmer temperatures: Some of the brighter colored species have different morphs. Their spiked tail is muscular and heavy, and can be swung at an attacker with great velocity, usually accompanied by hissing and an open-mouthed display of (small) teeth.

They can be skittish at first and may take a while to become comfortable with handling.

Your current subtotal is less than $35. Sand is also strongly recommended against, as it can cause impactions when eaten by the lizard. It can reach lengths of 10 inches when fully grown. Adjust as necessary depending on wattage to reach 49-60 ºC (120-140 ºF) directly over the basking rock. However, some uromastyx tend not to like mercury vapor lamps, and hide more. Uros can dig underneath rocks and other objects, causing fatal injuries. If your lizard has a hard time getting the shed completely off its toes, tail or head; help him by spraying the area with water and gently massaging the skin until it peels off. I like to buy a variety of leafy greens, chop them up, add some other veggies, and mix with a good calcium powder. They are typically docile and not aggressive towards humans. During the day, they will leave their burrow and bask in the sunlight on rocky structures. Slowly, they’ll get more comfortable and start spending time exhibiting more normal behaviors. If you want something easier to clean, you can even use bare floors or tile. Occasional spikes of 40% are fine. You can even use plastic containers.

To make sure your uromastyx can’t touch the light bulbs inside the tank, you need to use a light guard over the bulbs. They will start eating a day or two after hatching and can be fed the same diet as adults (leafy greens and fewer seeds), just chopped into smaller pieces. If you decide not to use sand, make sure to include a small box of sand in their enclosure for burrowing. ( Log Out /  In addition, there is great potential for them to aspirate water and develop pneumonia from baths. Unlike lots of reptiles, they generally eat every day. During the night, they will retreat to the burrow to avoid predators. The uromastyx comes from Northern Africa and part of the Middle East. You have several options. However, it might be a better idea to get 2 lower wattage bulbs instead of 1 higher wattage bulb (for example two 50 watt spotlights instead of one 100watt bulb). Having multiple digital temperatures is required to ensure appropriate temperatures are maintained within their enclosure. They come from the hot and humid forests of Southeast Asia, and are given their unique name based Read More →. Place the rock near the hot end of the enclosure where the basking light will be.

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