Professor Abraham Van Helsing is a fictional character from the 1897 gothic horror novel Dracula. In addition to this, Van Helsing has a well-developed, albeit ironic, sense of humor.

Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Learning that his final grave is aboard a boat, Van Helsing deduces that Dracula is fleeing back to his castle.[12].

Le front haut et harmonieux, le pigment de ses cheveux est roux. The forehead is broad and fine, rising at first almost straight and then sloping back above two bumps or ridges wide apart, such a forehead that the reddish hair cannot possibly tumble over it, but falls naturally back and to the sides. Later, Dracula's vampiric wives approach their camp but they too are unable to cross into the circle of bread. He begins to do his operation on the first vampire but finds himself entranced by her beauty and unable to bring himself to harm her. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 23 septembre 2020 à 11:28. Six years later, Van Helsing takes a grandfatherly role in regard to the young Quincey Harker, Jonathan and Mina's son. In the novel, Van Helsing is described as having what is apparently a thick foreign accent, in that he speaks in broken English and he uses German phrases such as "Mein Gott" (English: My God). [10] Dracula entices Renfield to invite him into Seward's residence. Revolver and knife for use against enemies weaker than Dracula. To destroy Dracula and prevent further spread of evil, the party enters his estate at Carfax and as a group encounters him for the first time. "Van Helsing" redirects here. Dracula Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Biography Very little is known about Van Helsings, other than that they are a royal bloodline of vampire warriors. Eventually, Van Helsing, Arthur, Morris and Seward free the undead Lucy from her vampiric curse: Arthur uses a hammer to drive the stake through her heart and Van Helsing cuts off her head and puts garlic in her mouth.

Van Helsing says that his son, had he lived, would have had a similar appearance to Lucy's suitor Arthur Holmwood. It is noted that Van Helsing had encountered Apocalypse before and previously believed him to be a vampire.

Seward, who worked as a doctor in an insane asylum — where one of his patients, the incurably mad Renfield secretly serves Dracula— contacts Van Helsing about Lucy Westenra’s peculiar loss of blood. [13] He proceeds to drive stakes into their hearts and sever their heads, one by one. Dracula then destroys all the texts Mina had produced, except for one which was hidden, and breaks Renfield's neck before leaving. After the struggle, Quincey is seen to have been fatally wounded. Four centuries later, Van Helsing killed Dracula, and later came to London to solve the case of Jack the Ripper, eventually discovering that the murderers were mentally controlled by demons from another world. Il porte le même prénom que son créateur, né Abraham Stoker, ainsi que de son père Abraham Stoker sr. (1799–1876), autre modèle possible du personnage. Dracula's body then crumbles to dust. In the novel, however, Dr. Seward requests Van Helsing's assistance simply because Lucy's affliction has him baffled and Van Helsing "knows as much about obscure diseases as anyone in the world". Van Helsing binds Mina at a cave to keep her from danger as he goes into Dracula's castle to kill the vampires. Van Helsing's personality is described by John Seward, his former student, thus: He is a seemingly arbitrary man, this is because he knows what he is talking about better than anyone else. The poise of the head strikes me at once as indicative of thought and power. Van Helsing's friendship with Seward is based in part upon a prior event in which Van Helsing suffered a grievous wound and Seward saved his life by sucking out the gangrene. Van Helsing's wife went insane after their son's death, but as a devout Catholic, he refuses to divorce her. His victims included Lucy Westernra, who lived in Whitby. Lucy's demise was brought by her mother, who cleared the room of garlic and opened the window for fresh air; a servant had stolen the gold crucifix. In his feelings of enchantment, he even contemplates love for her. Mina agrees that any plans should be kept from her for fear that Dracula could read her thoughts. The head is noble, well-sized, broad, and large behind the ears. They discover that he has been purchasing properties in and around London, with plans to distribute 50 boxes of Transylvanian earth to them, used as graves so each property would become a safe lair. It is Van Helsing who first realizes that Lucy is the victim of a vampire and he guides Dr. Seward and his friends in their efforts to save Lucy. Illustrated by Juan Pablo Rodriguez Padilla. Van Helsing's friendship with Seward is based in part upon an unknown prior event in which Van Helsing suffered a grievous wound, and Seward saved his life by sucking out the gangrene.

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