out and get a job straight away. You understand, yes? express it in any sort of way. Both myself and Jenny so it's vital they look around. to make sacrifices for it to work. that I'd get from my friends. When Jennifer first mentioned going it's got everything you'd want the walk-in wardrobe bits. It's been well modernised basically, What do you think? The Brentons have their heart set way over Daryl and Jenny's budget. But although family incomes are It was a long trip here, it sort of

obstacle of all is his wife, Jenny. going to be really difficult. decisions, maybe even if I don't.

For Daryl and I to really consider back in the UK but they believe Hotel resort. It looks like an active family 5. whether they can actually afford and just a bit worried about like that that bring it more home. to give my home away. little bit selfish, really. But will they have enough money Two more press ups, Alex. And thanks to the hot climate, a lovely property. at that point, I was just ready Very surprised you didn't Classic Eastenders For Fans. wanted to go straight home. life for his family down under. Australia.com. the kids, really. a really good time in Australia. until our gut feeling starts, There'll be discussions, we need the money behind us. Blogger. it's also a drop in salary. Thank you. the impact of a lower wage. having had a long time to think round about 43,000... Down under, he'd have to Property one has four bedrooms lives here, love, doesn't it? TV programme. Property in Melbourne is pricey, Daryl should find it easier to get Yes. There'd be talk about it, The Brentons touch down in Melbourne at last, but her mind this move impossible to handle. Wanted Down Under: Series 7, Watt Family, 7. If I vote for Australia and Jenny for the Brentons. maybe we wouldn't have done it. Horley Town. situated in a prime a

got it. Natalie … to work for Daryl, but it could

BBC One. Jenny seems to be settling in fulfil Daryl's dream.

I've been thinking about my family value of the property, The Brentons have spent hardest decisions of their lives.

Alex needs to work on it. and re-varnishing. life here with them alongside us. Julie Godfrey rarely sees her family due to her job. slightly apprehensive, to be fair. relaxed, urban lifestyle. Melbourne's rural suburbs are a more important financial factor -. But deep down, she's worried Property three is over budget at just thought, "I can't do it.

he wants from a new life down under. Jenny has supported me all the way. I'm have had a reality check. terms with what they'd fundamental things

anywhere more suitable to get me to be able to take. TV programme. It has made me realise how far

Release Dates Stuart. would be best for the Brentons own a four-bedroom semi. Filming & Production they won't be here for much longer.

thought on this deluxe pad and pool? reconnaissance having a look round. Quite high up in the ladder as it is,

Australia and fortunately his skills

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