Wheeler, even though he has been somewhat shaky, has 4 really good pitches and has only really been hurt by his two-seam that he throws almost 30% of the time. Cole, Wheeler, Rendon, Donaldson, etc. Moving Sano to first would be a plus for him I think. Here are 7 guys the Twins could go after. Add a secondary SP like Porcello. They have roughly $60 million minimum to spend. I also think they should resign Castro and keep the catching tandem from last year as it worked out quite well. He needs to go to the playoffs, No one is taking Seager. Bear with me, this is going to be a long one, but I’ll break it down by pieces. Good teams also get good pitching externally (not us, currently). Moving Sano to 1B and complimenting him with Howie Kendrick would be a solid move. I’m going to name absolutely no one though because, once again, trades are NOT my forte. Left side defense needs help. Each of those pitches produced similar wOBAs to Coles 4-seam, slider, curve and change-up. Rick Procello, Michael Wacha, Kyle Gibson, Greg Holland, Brad Bach, Jeremy Jeffres & Addison Reed could all be signed to try to rebuild value in a pitchers park with hopes of being dealt to a contender.

Most recently, he was the pitching coach for the University of Arkansas during its run to the College World Series championship against Oregon State this season.Prior to his time at Arkansas, Johnson served as pitching coach for Mississippi State University, Dallas Baptist University and Central Arkansas University. Pitcher Salary: New Salary = Old Salary-218,081+18,135*IP+51,428*SV+61,113*W-2,251*IP*ERA, Hitter Salary: New Salary = Old Salary-300,240-3,322*PA+45,572*HR+10,763*RBI+19,236*PA*AVG. His own valley! It wouldn’t surprise me if this investigation into the Astros blatant rule breaking will uncover other teams efforts to do the same. About the same for Moose.

The Cardinals would have to send more then that to get Kirlhoff. Bring in a defensive CF like Hamilton or Lageras as an insurance policy on Buxton. … Wait you just said Maikel Franco has upside?

Porcello Have you read anything about the Twins? Giants 3B Longoria for Cron and other Twins salary dumps. Offensively I actually see us moving Rosario this offseason for a pitcher. Wheeler also brings Cole like velocity.

Here's who the Angels and Twins might pursue now that Hyun-Jin Ryu is off the free-agent market Both American League contenders could look to add another starting pitcher By R.J. Anderson Sano has underperformed and is a defensive liability at 3rd. Can giants fans please give up on trying to move Belt, Longo, etc. Your statement “no more than any other team” means nothing without proof. I’m not sure I buy this. All we need is a stopgap 1B, no 3B.

At least they’re dedicated to their fans and putting the best product possible out there. Cron, Miguel Sano, Byron Buxton, Eddie Rosario and Ehire Adrianza. Shane Bieber was ranked 21st, and pre-slump Jose Berrios was ranked 26th. Don’t see MIN spending big money here. As a Pirates fan, I’d support a one year of Cron services. I have faith Wes Johnson is smart enough to tell Wheeler to do the same thing Cole did and drop the two-seam and become primarily a 4-seam, slider, curve, change-up guy like Cole did.

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