What was the best part of your day? The policeman took him to the bus stop and waited until the bus came and told the driver to let Grandpa out at Bell View Drive, and Martin found him from there.

What was the family’s medicine bag tradition? He died in a faraway place. Then there’s a pair of us! As he shook my hand his coat fell open to expose a bright red satin shirt with a beaded bolo tie under his collar. He didn’t live in a tipi, but all by himself in a part log, part tarpaper shack on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. He gave Joe Iron Shell the medicine bag because no one made the vision quest anymore.

He felt mad, so he rescued Grandpa and said “Stupid mutts”, What do the lines “I saw how his gray hair straggled from under his big black hat, which had a drooping feather in its crown. Ano ang mga kasabihan sa sa aking kababata? How did Martin’s opinion change after his grandpa’s interesting behavior towards his friends? He became a blacksmith.

Yet I was proud of this 86 year old man, who had never been away from the reservation, having the courage to travel so far alone” – Although Martin feels bad that his grandfather struggled so much, he’s proud that he had the courage to do all that. The medicine bag is a symbol of _____________. His hair lay in silver strands over the red shirt collar” differentiate from what Martin first said about Grandpa?

In his dream, he found a white man’s iron. PLEASE HELP?? He didn’t take it because he was afraid he would lose it. Examples of how Grandpa wasn’t like TV Indians? This site is using cookies under cookie policy. Not that we were ashamed of him, but because we knew that the glamorous tales wouldn’t go with the real thing.

Tan discusses her thoughts about language to build the idea that the English language does not have words to match some Chinese terms. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! e and explain how you figured out the meaning of the word. 8.

d. he does not want to be a burden to her. Martin was surprised at how quiet and attentive his friends were (they were mesmerized). …, good it fells like I its need a break in it but I don't know where help, Please help this is my first English assignment that i don't like please help, THIS IS FOR A STORY !!!!!!!!!! Grandpa's hope Marie's loss a river 2 See answers parjerj80 parjerj80 I think the answer is a, medicine bag came from indians back in the day. They Robotic space exploration does have some advantages. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Giving astronauts what they require to stay 4 healthy in space naturally makes these kinds of missions more expensive than ones that use robots. They What was Martin’s reaction to his grandfather’s behavior? can do only what they are programmed to do. They’d advertise -you know! He rode on buses for two and a half days. This may be true, but let’s consider the other side. Add your answer and earn points. They cannot reason. Don’t tell! “Also,” Grandpa went on, looking at me.

At 1 the time, the hundreds of millions who watched this historic event likely thought it marked the beginning Find more answers. What did the doctor think happen to Grandpa?

What was in the bag, what was replaced, and what was Martin supposed to put in there? What type of dogs are in Martin’s neighborhood, “Yippy poodles and other fancy little dogs” who usually barked singly at the mailman from the safety of their own yards. How did Martin feel about his great grandfather’s journey?

On this day, Grandpa KNEW Martin would be coming and he knew how Martin would want him to dress, so he dressed accordingly. What do the details, “I felt his bony hand trembling, and I looked up to see the fatigue in his face” reveal about great grandfather?

He arrived in the city tired and stiff from sitting so long. …. Bag contained broken shell of iron kettle, pebble from butte, and piece of sacred sage. The capabilities of the space probes and rovers we now use would have been the stuff of science fiction 2 just a few short decades ago. -Beyond the Program- C. Desire to reject his Sioux heritage. It’s vital to weigh these increased costs against the benefits. Still have questions? If Kris asks a question sheepishly, how does she ask it?

I’m Nobody! Find more answers.

Going back to the text, the process starts with Grandpa explain the reason of importionce of the medince bag to martin so he could understand the meaning clearly. question What do the lines “The medicine bag was the dirty leather pouch I had found around Grandpa’s neck” show about Martin’s feelings toward the bag? -Efforts Yield Results- At 1 the time, the hundreds of millions who watched this historic event likely thought it marked the beginning What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? Why is that so? (p.s for the the mentally stupid peo But regardless, he swallowed hard and took a step towards the bed because he would have to take it. Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? 9.

Hair wasn’t in braids, but stringy, gray strands. Don’t tell! Robotic space exploration does have some advantages. The following question has two parts. It shows how Grandpa is absolutely unlike how Martin described him, and how hard his journey to Iowa must have been. ple, please annotate and dont put answers the don't relate the question, i got until friday ;-;) What did Grandpa allow the family to do with his funeral money? Very.

D. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Family heritage and his pride in his grandfather. That night his mother and father took Grandpa to the hospital, and two weeks later he stood alone on the lonely prairie of reservation and put the sacred sage in his medicine bag. of a bold new kind of exploration. However, there are many reasons why we should make sending more people into space a priority. Martin feels embarrassment and pride about both Grandpa and the medicine bag. Ask your question. Why was Martin’s mother so shocked about great grandfather arriving? Write your own definition of advertis We see the extend to which Martin is embarrassed. They cannot reason. Grandpa thought he was going to die, and he had to follow the tradition of his family to pass the medicine bag, along with its … (p.s for the the mentally stupid people, please annotate and dont put answers the don't relate the question, i got until friday ;-;). Now, though, more than 40 years later, it’s robots—not astronauts—who are making most of the voyages beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Help Right answers Please Which context clues helped you figure out the meaning of the word advertise in line 4? Perhaps they thought they would soon hear more messages from outer space. They cannot make a distinction between unusual and expected observations.

To tell one’s name -the livelong June -

b. he is afraid he will be robbed on the bus. But it had been brushed and the feather in the beaded headband was proudly erect, its tip a brighter white. It was a Thursday; I was in band watching the clock waiting for the last bell to ring so I can go to the basketball game when it finally did.. He wasn’t ready and he was still nervous. Why was Martin ashamed when Grandpa visited?

He resisted at first, but when it was his turn to work at the blacksmith shop he embraced it and knew that his medicine had brought him there to work with the white man’s iron. Meaning of “My brother has seen him three times so he oughta be well enough to see us”. The unthinking robot would probably treat it as just another sample. It shows that Martin finally realized his lie and realized that there was no need to laugh at a dying old man, that was usual, but rather he would be the joke because he lied a lot just to keep his reputation steady, also this shows readers the emotional impact of being caught for a lie. Tan discusses her relationship with her mother to build the idea that mothers and daughters in all cultures often have misunderstandings. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? There is no reason to assume that the challenge of sending people to Mars, Jupiter, or Neptune and getting them back home safely would be any different.

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