Renee was born in Southport, Queensland. Personal Life. It’s weird [laughs]. "You forget she's one third of Destiny's Child! I feel really grateful and thankful to be an Australian citizen. Renee confessed she’d wanted to be part of the show for years. It’s on such a global level in terms of how professional and how shiny it is. Do you have any secret tips for earning brownie points with celebrities before or after your interviews? Who is the person who when you see them coming, you just know it’s going to be good time? Like many famous people and celebrities, Renee Bargh keeps her personal life private. Here, she spills on the show and her enduring friendship with coach, Delta Goodrem. ", "So it's just a very kindred friendship, it was meant to be.". My…” (DW, it's free!). But as America hit a boil and erupted in protest, it just didn’t feel right for it to go live at the time. I watched the entire season. I was blown away. How on earth did you do that deal with Extra to let you also host another show on the other side of the world? I think it’s just a genuine level of respect – and you’re always going to be respected if you do your homework. In sweat pants. “The waiting around. Renee Bargh is turning 35 in . I love people. Renee Bargh (born 18 October 1986) is an Australian entertainment reporter, who is best known as a host of Channel [V] Australia. After the Australian TV host … “People. Terms of Use | Ever since I was little, my mum said I would be the kid who would climb up onto a strangers table at a restaurant and start chatting away because I’ve always been curious. What I’ve learned as an Australian in America is just to listen. And then I’ll shower, get changed, get out the door and get to work.

How are you going to stop yourself helping your friend out throughout the season? “Extra” responded swiftly to the crisis by revising its entertainment-focused content to cover COVID-19 and its impacts on pop culture and our viewers, with the help of a team of renowned “INSTAMD” physicians and experts. via Bianca di Savoia 12 - 20122 Milano

In Season 27, “Extra” will unveil a fresh, upgraded version of the format as the team works both in studio and remotely around the country. She is also a host of The Voice Australia. Privacy Policy | Renee Bargh is an Australian Emmy award-winning TV host. Usually, and you would know this, crew get there a couple of hours before a red carpet starts and they do a lockdown type of thing – and you have to be there before that starts. Ad Choices RENEE BARGH: “What I’ve learned since being in America is there’s such a long history of racial injustice in that country – and not only in America, but here in Australia too – and I think the first step is recognising that and acknowledging that and then asking ourselves what can we do. If there’s a book, I’ll also read the book. Domestic Television Distribution.

Celebrities are still indoors with bad WiFi connections. "Delta's always been the most supportive person, but getting to have her on the sidelines, sitting in the chair and giving me the biggest smiles, thumbs up and clapping — it's just so sweet," Renee told 9Entertainment, adding she's happy to take tips from the Voice veteran. Dr. Fauci, The Weeknd and Megan Thee Stallion are just some of the big names covering the TIME 100 List this year! At this point, I’ve been in LA for ten years so most of these people I have interviewed several times. Thanks to social media, it’s pretty easy to be up on what people are doing”.

She is so good at what she does, so good at being a mentor and a Coach on this show, and she's so invested. In 2006 Renee got her start in the entertainment industry as part of the pop group, Girlband. Lindsay, who co-hosts the wildly popular “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, has been serving as a special correspondent for “Extra” since 2019, covering the Super Bowl and interviewing celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Kiefer Sutherland and Tiffany Haddish.

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