Hearty and saucy lasagna, meet bright and spicy carrots.

Good old American garlic bread, which many of our mothers used to buy ready-made in a foil pouch at the grocery store, can also be a good partner for your lasagne, provided you clean up its act a little. Top a green salad with shredded Parmesan cheese and creamy dressing and serve it before the lasagna as an appetizer or alongside it as a main course. Too much yum. An easy way to add some greens to your meal. All together, it’s one of the best side dishes to lasagna of any kind. Rasa does a nice job explaining how to get this one just right. Especially when you buy a pre-mixed bag from the store! Yes and no…. Whether it’s loaded with meat and cheese or it's a lighter vegan version made with fresh zucchini, lasagna is the ultimate comfort food. You know these desserts all too well, so we’ll just list our favorites we can’t deny from our list of what goes with lasagna: Of course, you could write an entire book on wines that go with lasagna. Here are just a few winners to get you started: Cabernet Sauvignon

Plus meats, veggies and even Cajun and Mexican lasagnas. You’ll be racing to the store for some brussels sprouts in no time: rasamalaysia.com. What to Serve With Lasagna Extra Innings.

No need to add sauces or butter (you can if you like! To go one step further, toss some florets with Italian dressing, slide them into the oven and then top with Parmesan cheese crumbles. Because most lasagnes absolutely bulge with cheeses, adding cheese to the bruschetta might make it too heavy, but there's no reason you couldn't top it with some very finely minced fresh basil leaves, to point up the tomato flavours of the meat sauce.

Here are a few suggestions. Nina shares her delightful recipe over at her cooking blog: cookingcrossroads.com. If we use those general ideas as a starting point, however, we can arrive at some unusual and delicious alternatives. Go get extra inspired by visiting Butter Your Biscuit for a quick recipe and more ideas: butteryourbiscuit.com.

If you time the preparation right, you can put the bread in at the same time that you take the lasagne out. Below are 13 foods to accompany your lasagna that will make this dinner all the more memorable. The maker of this melt-in-your-mouth dinner and leftover standby will not alter and drift away from Grandma’s recipe. Just stick to reds of course. While you would put these cooked peppers and onions on your lasagna like you would a steak or chicken, they do make a nice low-fat side. Or something extra. Alright, so antipasto in Italian is technically a starter dish but whether you eat it first, during or even last this is still a good choice for side dishes to compliment a lasagna dinner. Are you sure you want to remove this item from your Recipe Box? A helping of perfectly sautéed spinach and garlic will augment any Italian main dish (it must be the garlic!). Bursts of super sweet, liquidy flavor will rush across your tongue when you dive into freshly roasted cherry or grape tomatoes. Copy Whenever we have lasagne, I make a green salad and have crusty warm bread or garlic bread. It’s usually not too hard to find a good pairing, so it comes down to a few things like: taste preference, how healthy you want to be, how good you might be in the kitchen, and of course, how much time you want or have to spend on preparing an accompanying dish. Why? To get your Italian flare and make a nice pairing with your lasagna, try combining your greens with red onions, heirloom tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette. Whether it's a tangy sourdough or a flour-dusted artisanal whole-grain loaf, having the right crusty, chewy bread to go with lasagna is crucial. There are a whole world of dishes out there that complement these layers of pasta, and we’ve got 27 recipes to make sure you have a well-rounded feast. This is a strong wine, rich in it’s flavor of black currants and so does really well with tomato-based red sauces.

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