Animals have feelings too and it is essential to treat them with the respect that we give humans. Essay, 2 pages. This test is mostly performed on rabbits to check for irritancy of shampoo, weed killers, pesticides, and detergents. Do you agree? Animals also lose skills In such a bored, confined environment Like the cages. Animals live longer If truly animals were kept to avoid extinction, then we would have conservatories dedicated for that purpose. Future of TV and Can It Keep Up With Streaming Giants Like Netflix? Ladies and gentlemen, Animals in zoos are real, which attracts the public to visit.

So you must let them go, even if you are not a nice person you should let them free into their natural habitat so they can be themselves and live together and learn how to protect themself.

If we don’t care for the animals, the life cycle will change and they will become extinct. Report Post Eminent cosmetic companies such as Maybelline, Sally Hansen, Neutrogena, and Cover Girl test their makeup products on animals. They can find many kinds of animal, without going to the wild forest. The major problem with zoos is that the animals are kept in enclosures that don’t allow them to live their lives in a natural way. They will not be able to swing and might fall and hurt themselves or worst die. He was seldom seen in the yard playing or anything. All animals, including those raised for food, deserve protection from this abuse. Justify your position.

Mind the word ‘never’ is used, which gives a very extreme meaning.

The neighbor was on the small side. Posted by: Anonymous -eg rhinoceros horn... ...longer in zoos I will illustrate my viewpoint in three aspects. This is how many animals live. (Tutorvista, 2010) There are three main reasons why wild animals should not be kept in the zoos: The author’s purpose is to point... Everybody knows the story of the dinosaur and the various speculations about what happened to them and they become extinct. Zoos are premises for the captivity of animals, often in urban areas where many of the animals would not otherwise be found, with the intention of studying the animals and displaying them to the public at large. -But if they were to remain in the wild, there is a high chance that they would not survive. The first is the Draize eye test. Surplus animals are also found for sale on the internet, so you don’t know where the animals will end up. There are very many animals that you can see today only because of zoos. Essay on Animals and Birds Should Never Be Kept in Cages “Animals and birds should never be kept in cages” A cage is defined as an enclosure used to confine or protect something. One reason it is cruel is that it is not the animals’ natural habitat. This is sad because animals can become less in numbers and soon they will become instincts. As far as I am concerned, I insist that animals should live in the wild instead of the so-called zoos.

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