This anxiousness makes them destructive in nature and they can start tossing and damaging whatever they find in the house. I decided to create a blog where I can share knowledge, tips and tricks, useful products and more with whippet lovers around the world. The whippet has a lovable, amiable disposition and that would be added into the mix of the new breed along with eye colour and coat colour. So as an owner you need to set up a healthy routine where your Whippet can get enough sleep from time to time. This is only possible if they get to do a lot of different activities. Whippets love running on the ground. They rely mostly on vision but usually have a smaller head with a deep chest to enclose their larger lungs and heart. WhippetCentral is a participant in some Affiliate Programs. Feel free to research them if you are considering a whippet mix or just for your own curiosity. If your whippet is more tired during the times when s/he is not exercising, chances are s/he will be curled up next to you sleeping – whippets, like all dogs. While the working class had bred the whippet for hunting and racing, many believe that today’s whippet has been refined by the wealthy and includes some Italian greyhound. If they do follow commands and hear you employ those words often enough, it’s possible that they may understand that you are not terribly fond of them digging holes all over the place. Seems like a lot, but if there is nothing for them to do, nothing interesting to get into or you are not home to love on them, they sleep. Partially supported by Amazon Affiliate Links, which may earn us a small commission if you click on them.

Now you may get a little bent out of shape that I even put this notion into your head. Partially supported by Amazon Affiliate Links, which may earn us a small commission if you click on them. link to Can Whippets Get Along With Cats? In fact, a whippet is not a miniature greyhound but does embody some greyhound. If you own this amicable and energetic breed, you must have realised by now they like sleeping a lot. There are, however, many drawings from ancient Egyptian times that depict greyhound or whippet-like dogs. Also, a whippets lifespan lies between 12 and 15 years. Another factor is, once they find a nice and cosy place, they will take no time to stretch their legs and get into a 20-hour slumber fest. So lure training is a great way to tire our your whippet whilst building a bond with him. but they do require plenty of physical activity, in fact, they thrive on it. Why Do Whippets Sleep So Much? I want the process of understanding your whippet … But do remember the need for regular exercise. Make sure that there are physical boundaries, especially when you start this experiment. However, it took me just a fraction of a second to fall in love with the fast running, food stealing, bundle of joy. You can own a dog with some extra qualities plus a whippets excellent virtues. Many may think that the whippet appears to be a miniature greyhound. But if you feel like cuddling up, whippets will snuggle right up to you and offer you a warm companionship. An interesting fact about Whippets is they can enter into a state of deep sleep (also called REM sleep) almost within no time.

This pair will certainly keep you on your toes, after all, it’s common knowledge that cats and dogs aren’t... Having owned many whippets across the last 20 years, I have learned a thing or two about this wonderful breed. They are in fact a mixed breed in a way that has merged two purebred dogs with one another. Can Whippets Get Along With Cats?

How Fast Is A Bedlington Whippet? Whippets are highly exuberant dogs and require regular physical activities. There is no extra cost to you and by doing so you help support us and keep us posting weekly content. With all the tales of agility and fast running skills, whippets can be excellent couch potatoes. About Us  Privacy Policy  Terms and Conditions  Disclaimer Policy. The name snap dog came about because they would chase down and “snap up” their prey, such as rabbits and small rodents (I can see you shaking your head and thinking how quickly your little muncher snaps up a Milk-Bone!). Sighthounds are among the oldest breeds on Earth and may date back to the second century A.D. They become very uneasy and restless if they don’t get to do any sort of robust activity to release their built-up energy. This breed is extremely easy to maintain. This will lure them there, and once they find out that they don’t get yelled at for digging there, perhaps the lesson will stick. link to Can Whippets Get Along With Cats? If you don’t plan on keeping your dog in the house, … I hope I have been able to answer your queries about why do whippets sleep so much through this article. These factors keep this graceful breed sane and healthy. Despite being a very calm-natured and unaggressive breed, they tend to break into a chase when they see small prey.

In this article, I will tell you the facts about the sleeping pattern of Whippets and how you can help your 4-legged companion get a comfortable sleep. Partially supported by Amazon Affiliate Links, which may earn us a small commission if you click on them. Good sleep for long hours rejuvenates their body and keeps them away from angst and worry. Tweet.

WhippetCentral is a participant in some Affiliate Programs. They will also follow the pattern that you set for them like napping after having snacks. Well, even breeds like Whippet exhibit signs of anxiousness when left alone and not given proper emotional care.

Some issues that they may be prone to can be hypothyroidism, congenital eye problems and some cardiac problems. This is unlike humans, as we enter into a deep sleep within 1 hour of dozing and wake up feeling groggy and inattentive.

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Whippets are ultimately dogs and their instincts are to have fun, look for new smells, get exercise unless they are tired and sometimes to bury stuff – maybe a toy or a bone. Whippets need to socialise and enjoy some quality time with the people around them. This is one question that bothered me for at least a couple of years after getting my first whippet. You might feel that this breed is skinny, unlike the other cuddle-worthy fluffy bundles. WhippetCentral is a participant in some Affiliate Programs. A good variety of physical activities will keep them engaged for a considerable period. You perhaps got your whippet from a breeder or maybe your little sad-eyed beauty is a rescue whippet. They will keep you entertained with their funny antics and their energy is contagious. They can be couch potatoes, but can run anytime they are given the chance. The answer to that question surrounding whippets being mixed breeds is definitely a yes. If you would like your whippet mix to be a little more protective then getting a dog that has some defence added might suit you more. Also, the whippet is extremely fast, so fast you don’t want to let it run free. There is no extra cost to you and by doing so you help support us and keep us posting weekly content. Then again, the moment they are done and feel tired, they hit the snooze button within no time. Even if you have a single Whippet, you will notice him leaving his kennel and snuggling up to you at night. In the context of exercise, it would be best to take them on long runs, or perhaps engage them in “coursing” schools where they are taught to chase and/or race. Boredom and pent up energy will be a sure-fire trigger in such cases. They certainly enjoy (and need) a daily romp in the yard or an hour or so spent stretched out in the sun, but you should not plan to leave your whippet in the yard indefinitely. They would happily lead a burglar to your jewels! With a whippet, both male and female make excellent pets and are both easily housebroken. So don’t be surprised if you find your slender play-mate leaving its bed and cuddling to you under the warmth of your blanket.

If distracted, chances are good that your dog will stop digging. They also went by the name of snap dogs’ because of these hunting tendencies. This slender breed is highly exuberant. Temperament is another consideration when choosing a mixed breed whippet. Reading this you can imagine what your cute little guy’s ancestors may have been doing centuries ago, which probably wouldn’t have been sleeping in your bed or on the couch, hoovering up treats and racing around your yard at warp speed. Create a safe area where they can dig. Again, there are exceptions to every rule but it is something to consider. An affiliate advertising program is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 3rd Party Sites. How Many Hours Do Whippets Usually Sleep? They are royalty! They don’t tend to bark at strangers and look forward to striking up camaraderie with people around them. WhippetCentral was created with whippet owners in mind, to help you learn how to care for, train and love your whippet the right way! I’ve had my Whippet for 8 years, and he is the *ideal* pet. So the next time you want to invite a friend around, your dog will ensure that your friend receives a warm welcome. Whippets are very social creatures, they do not like being alone. There’s not much you can do about it, except to occupy your pet in ways that hopefully curbs or tempers their zeal to keep digging holes.

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