Notified them twice that the driver has to call me when he's at the door. (better I had used snail mail). I am a business with the lights on and the open sign on. tracking number says 'neighbour'. It arrived at a Cincinnati facility on 7/31. I DON'T HAVE MY DAMN PACKAGE!! Im waiting on DHL to get off there asses and give the package to USPS, But instead they say there's been a delay. HI! Each call to DHL takes 30 minutes or longer to... Jun 19, 2020

DHL office said it would get through customs no problem, but just found out that after being investigated in Shanghai that it would either... Aug 19, 2020 I could have walked to the town of the last scan by now! I will try to give advice to help you all if I can. Shipping update said delivered and so I checked our mail room. Every order requires at least 3 phone calls to finally get the order to my location. These morons were trying to EXTORT money from the company by charging duties/VAT not due. On the 17th it was supposed to arrive. Ordered a microscope from the US to Canada, it arrived in Canada May 15th, as of today it is still in brokerage. DHL driver was a dumb, still took away the package, caused me a unnecessary 1 day delay. What is the matter with this pickup system?  – About 8 months ago. DHL is the worst logistic company I've ever experienced! We are on the verge of going back to USPS because of the issues with delayed bags, entire bags of mail being “lost” for a week, and slow transfers between DHL and USPS. I’m very annoyed. I can... 12 hour windows for delivery or pickup (a paid service!)

Now have to wait a month for it to be returned so that I can use another carrier service that is not incompetent. WTH!!!. I call customers on a daily basis when I cannot find their address or cannot confirm. In the last 10 or 12 years I’ve had maybe 5 or 6 internet orders where the seller was moronic enough to select DHL as their shipping service. Was supposed to be express but it’s been two weeks and was supposed to show up yesterday but did not happen. Purchased a laptop from Germany and shipped to UK.  – About 7 months ago. We waited all day for them... Every delivery I've ever received from them has been messed up. My package is shipping from NJ, and is currently on its way to Maryland.

It’s now the 19th of February and they haven’t answered... Feb 18, 2020 WHEN YOU'RE ALREADY A WEEK LATE TO DELIVER SOMETHING, LOSING IT MAKES YOU LOOK f%@kING WORSE.... Fedex hits amazons estimates every time, DHL misses every time. When I emailed DHL, telling them to stop giving me copy and paste responses simply stating that my package is in transit, they told me... Mar 28, 2020 Stayed at home and wait for the driver for two days! How do you not know where it is? took 9 days. Like come on it should've been delivered today then!! I've bought from this company a number of times, never had an issue with DHL delivering before. Can u believe that?? I have a DHL package 21 days no update scan which is crap.

Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. Package stated to be delivered by Monday 10/12/2020. Getting a straight answer as to why my delivery is on hold? LIE. As if. Turns out DHL have to make it go around the whole country for 5 weeks before my e-juices can reach... Sep 7, 2020 Package has been in Cincinnati, OH DHL Hub for eight days. DHL f****d it up every time.

I was told it could not be delivered because they did not have any drivers. I finally got to a person and when I asked her why noone has contacted me she stated I was... Sep 8, 2020 Each call to DHL takes 30 minutes or longer to reach an agent. Was given a delivery time of yesterday.

If I'd known they'd be this slow I would've picked up the shipment myself.  – About 2 months ago. Half the time when I called customer service it was by people who couldn’t speak English very well. All this cr*p about "logistics" and shipments sit in their "hub" for weeks on end, then they miss multiple delivery dates. I don't recall not ever receiving what I ordered when they were the delivery service provider, but what I don't understand is why anyone uses them in the first place. 1) Was supposed to be delivered on Monday. They are not going to read it.

Its now, 2/14/2019 and still no package. Agreed.  – About 6 months ago. Back in 2013 I was stationed at FT. Bragg. Did it slip on some water. Can't... May 23, 2020

When someone sends me something via DHL, I wonder if it will ever arrive.  – About 2 months ago. Carrier said they couldn't deliver because I wasn't home, they didn't attempt to deliver.

The sassy rep gave me a lecture about how the policy only allows them to send a message to the DHL station.

Ordered an item from Germany on May 23rd and paid for express shipping.

What a flipping Joke!!

I'm not doing that today". Have been hung up on twice and told 3 times that they were going to call us back in 4 hours and I had to call them back just to be told the same story. I clicked on the photo section of the tracking and they took a photo of my building's glass door and access keypad and said im not accessible... with mate! I ordered from a shop in NYC. You'd think my problem would be with customs but NO. USA DHL is F**ing bad, especially Chicago Franklin Facility is a piece of shit. I had placed on order and it was shipping from DE to NE. I can't believe this is a shipping company. Next time, I'll ask 'em to ship it UPS or USPS. The tracking doesn’t work says it doesn’t exist .we order a lot of stuff for business and personal no problems. I went to the local garage to make sure they had not left there has some parcel companies do if they can't be bothered to go to the house but no nothing. Was told my package was undeliverable because there was "no access" . April 22, 2017 April 27, 2017. They must be dirt cheap to ship because I don't see why anyone would use them. DHL (USA) is horrible with delivering items and their communication sucks. Ok, the parcel will come now. Absolute garbage! I called DHL and they gave me the actual cell phone number of the driver and he said he had delivered it to the mail room. Every single time a package comes in for our company, the local Elizabeth depot delivers after 6:00 PM, even after we call repeatedly to tell them that we... Jun 11, 2020 Asking for help is even a worse nightmare.  – About 7 months ago. After I've already paid for them to be the shipper - clearly that means I want them to deliver the thing AND brokerage is a part of that...and I've also already paid the customs fees. I still haven’t gotten my power supply. With everything that it’s going on in the world who expects to get the things the next day!! I agree they SUCK the big one! Waited on hold for 30 minutes for someone to tell me that the package has not arrived. History Of Vinyl, refuse to take fees off. Stuck in Hong Kong-shocker right!? And not possible to speak to anyone via their customer 'care' number. They were supposed to come at the same time. There were no tracking updates until 05/22/2020 (two days after it was expected to arrive), and It's in Germany.

I would contact Ipsy a month later and they sent another one or reimburse me if it's sold out. Shipment I have been waiting for for several weeks finally arrives at the local san Francisco office last Thursday. ‍♀️, Firstly, there is a 100kg limit coming out of China to USA this is bad enough. Total assholes.

 – About 8 months ago. In other words, they don’t have bad customer service, they have an absence of customer... May 30, 2020 Things sit in... Jun 8, 2020 package got from China to city an hour away in 2 days, yeah I know fast. f%@k DHL they are garbage!!! I bought something from a seller in Thailand (through Amazon) on 04/26/2020. And, to make matters worse, they keep changing the damn delivery date so I keep having to change my damn plans to sit at hme all day to wait for the damn package. I ordered a f%@king HDD from amazon, and guess who delivered? DHL kept my package on hold for 3 weeks without updating me. DHL sucks big time. I ordered something April 17th, it says it Shipped , no tracking worked then got one that showed shipped May 17th and is sitting in Hong Kong on hold ever since. Then, realized that DHL sucks. So far, every time I order something from amazon, it is shipped by dhl. Gets to local depot says it is out for... Aug 30, 2020 Thanks for making me wait for my package for 12 hours and cancel all my plans and then never show up you incompetent losers. ... Jun 2, 2020

The summary below is part of a long nightmare that our company (a small business) has been living as a result of the lack of professionalism from DHL USA. Ok that’s a long transit time to travel from Kentucky to North Carolina but ok. Thursday no package.

Probably not even close to my home. It was sitting in a DHL site about 10 miles from my condo for a week according to their tracking information.  – About 9 months ago.

I ordered a f%@king HDD from amazon, and guess who delivered? They really do suck, they somehow lost my address info even though the seller from Amazon put my correct address in. I was told by a sassy rep that it was in my mailbox. Heart Pronunciation In American English, My package was supposed to go out for delivery today, instead I get this: "The Estimated Delivery Date is currently unavailable. Today is the 24th still there. I called them and they told me that I will receive a call 2 hours later.

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