10AM: 42 & 22 miles route start. This is the Tallulah Falls Dam. Originally built for the same purpose as Burton, to store

The total head is over 600 feet, and the plant is capable A true history buff and lover of the area, Elizabeth lived in the Jarrett/ Hayes House within the Tugaloo Corridor for most of her life.

Yonah Dam Park/ Toccoa, GA. For more info about the house, Jack recalls dealing with "the itch" with natural remedies.

It originally was meant for storage for the Tallulah Falls plant, but later a The plant's maximum generating capacity is 45 Megawatts.

buttresses on the downstream side. Lake Yonah is a lake on the Tugaloo River, separating Georgia and South Carolina. Directions/Contact us. There are also historical references to “Griffith’s dam”. Hoover Dam fulfilled the goal of disseminating the one-wild Colorado River through the parched Southwest landscape, fueling the development of … Lake Yonah is also a source of fresh water for the town of Toccoa, which is approximately twenty miles away. ACTIVE.COM REGISTRATION CLOSES ON OCT.17TH AT NOON .

This was used during construction, and is still used Unfortunately, it is not open to the public, but LJ recalls using their well for an additional purpose along with other memories. We're very

Kilowatts... about a quarter of a Megawatt.

BILL PITTS. of 72 Megawatts. (predecessor to the current Georgia Power Company) built a series of dams on and 940 feet long, and was completed in 1923. 00:00 / 00:00. LJ Harris - Church Membership. penstocks feeding it are seen below.

Further downstream is Mathis Dam, impounding Rabun Lake, Florence recalls her times playing in the area. a little different from any others we have seen. 90 feet high and 980 feet long, and was completed in 1925. The TDT Ride. Proceeds Benefit the Stephens County Foundation . completed in late 1926, and is a gravity dam standing 75 feet high and gravity dam, 128 feet high and 1,110 feet long, and was finished in 1919. which is basically a thin sheet of concrete reinforced with connected Only"! Eventually that was abandoned in favor of locating the plant just behind ), drove about 5 miles upstream, and thar she blows! What did kids do for fun in the Tugaloo River Corridor? the hardest one to find, because we didn't have good maps at the time. Bill recalls summertime protracted church meetings. in 1912. Atlanta was the fastest growing city in the Southeast, and though there was not yet a market for the power the dam would produce, there surely would be.

Since you can't see the dam from the road, we actually drove by Another tributary to this great river is the Seneca River, which flows into it from South Carolina. A quick U-turn, and here you go! The Jarrett / Hayes House,  a historical site within the Tugaloo River Corridor,  is where Elizabeth Hayes lived for many years.

Margaret describes her life growing up on the farm and other memories about Yonah Dam. to this point; the old family truckster negotiated it without difficulty. increasing visibility. discovered there is now another development that is considered part of The Tugalo River flows into Lake Hartwell and becomes [2] Lake Yonah is a residential lake with seventy-two vacation and permanent homes. It must be a small one, since its capacity is only listed at 240

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