It was planned to started filming, but stopped ... See full summary ». Qin Chuan asks Jiu Yun where he has been. She was imprisoned within Shui Jing until Xu Feng, heavenly emperor's second sun enters it mistakenly. Going back a bit further in 2018, Zhao Lu Si also has another costume drama in Oh! She also acted the role Bei Erduo with Riley Wang (Ye Shuwei) in Chinese drama “I Hear You“. Zuo Xiang, Zi Chen, Xuan Zhu, and her mother arrive back at the Zuo’s family mansion.

He wants to find Qin Chuan but then changes his mind because she won’t listen to him anyway. She refuses to listen and warns him not to go near the Crown Prince during the Ghost Festival. With Mengli Wang, Lusi Zhao, Yecheng Zheng. This one also has Liu Yi Tong (Zi Chen in Love Of Thousand Years) in a support role.

But Yan Yan slashes his eyes instead because of his family’s betrayal.

Jiu Yun is hurt and faints. Zi Chen, Er Meng, and Mei Shan are holding the shield to block the attack. Er Meng still has feelings for Qin Chuan. Xuan Zhu and Madam Qing Qing suddenly appears. He immobilizes Qin Chuan and takes her spiritual lamp when they are together.

It is Xiangqu Mountain Master’s doing. Jiu Yun tries to get everyone to leave from the prayer hall. As the capital of the Kingdom of Yan is taken over by rival states, the princess (cameo by Jiang Yiyi) escapes the capital and assumes her maid Qin Chuan’s (Zhao Lusi) identity. Jiu Yun is worried about the Demon King as the Suoling Nails won’t restrain him for long. With the Dragon King dead, Zuo Xiang claims it is his duty to protect the last of the Li royalty.

She offers to do it for them instead. Zi Chen and his father move there together with Xuan Zhu and her mother. He senses she has gone to the spiritual lamp. Qin Chuan also runs into Fu Jiuyun (Zheng Yecheng), a handsome, suave young sir who would teaser her mercilessly every time they meet. Angered by how the new conquerors are treating her people, Qin Chuan embarks on a journey with Fu Jiuyun to find a magical lamp that will save the world, but there’s a caveat – the soul of the lamp wick, and the person who unseals the lamp, must sacrifice themselves in order for the lamp to function (I can already see where this is headed…). He is afraid Jiu Yun might get killed. Er Meng is not who he seems to be. Jiu Yun exposes Qin Chuan’s identity and her relationship with Zi Chen. Zi Chen is uncooperative and direct during his meeting with Lord Li. Madam Qing Qing and Jiu Yun stop Xuan Zhu. Jiu Yun tells Mei Shan that Qin Chuan wants the spiritual lamp.

Was it necessary to do it so fast and urgent? Xiangqu Mountain Master is practising his powers with the spiritual lamp.

She dies. Zuo Xiang wants to rebuild Li. But Jiu Yun has bigger plans for Qin Chuan. Even three lifetimes is long for me, but waiting for your lover in ten lifetimes!!

Xuan Zhu overhears part of their conversation. He knows she wants the spiritual lamp. Zuo Xiang notices Yan Yan and orders her to be killed. Qin Chuan and Jiu Yun spend time with each other as they wait for him to fully recover. Jiu Yun has been looking for this lady ever since.

Bai Zing Ji pretends to be Steward Zhao to enter Er Meng’s palace. He shows her that Jiu Yun is in the volcano. Qin Chuan tries to stop her but falls unconscious when hit with its power. Jiu Yun’s stone lights up to warn him of a breach in Wanboa Garret. View production, box office, & company info, Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom. Jiu Yun appears to save her and knocks the Crown Prince unconscious. But the reflection pushes the Demon King to drop the lamp and down the volcano. With the spiritual lamp, the Demon King can rule all the 3 realms once he kills Jiu Yun.

My god, if you’re going to forget your roots, you should still have some EQ, okay? The Xiangqu Mountain Master kills Madam Qing Qing as a result. He confesses his love to her but she moves away to avoid a response.

The second prince of Tianyuan empire. Xuan Zhu forces Xiangqu Mountain Master to tell her more about the spiritual lamp. Yu-laoshi, let’s meet up next time for a fat-reducing meal and chat.” Yu Zheng responded, “I’m eating right now. Mei Shan arrives to save Qin Chuan. Zi Chen hurries to the palace and tries to get Yan Yan to follow him. Jiu Yun warns him not to overdo it or he could turn to ashes. She feels if Qin Chuan doesn’t get her revenge, there won’t be peace for all of them. Title: Love of Thousand Years (The Killing of Three Thousand Crows). Jiu Yun catches her. Qin Chuan falls off a ladder while pruning leaves. But Qin Chuan insists on collecting the Crown Prince’s spiritual power first. Xuan Zhu accuses Qin Chuan of being stupid for wanting to sacrifice her life with the spiritual lamp and a coward for forsaking her position. He wants Jiu Yun to help him regain his powers with the spiritual lamp. She picks ambergris which gives off a nice fragrance.

An immortal of Xiangqu mountain, and he is also the wick of holy lamp. He asks her to serve Zi Chen as his maid as he will be gone for the night. Chun Hua (Lusi Zhao) from the future arrives at a fantasy-like universe to experience love for the first time and falls into a complicated romance with two young men. Jiu Yun takes Qin Chuan to look for the spiritual lamp. The lamp lights up and starts containing all the demons inside it. Both Qin Chuan and her friend, Cui Ya, are selected to be servants at Xiangqu Mountain. Xuan Zhu’s mission is to put a toxic pellet inside the spiritual lamp to poison Xiangqu Mountain Master’s organs when he hones his powers with it.

Jiu Yun asks Qin Chuan to bring him his clothes after a bath. But he will become a mortal during the Ghost Festival and that will be their best chance to kill him. Er Meng points him to the spiritual lamp. He doesn’t want her to die because of the lamp. Xuan Zhu accompanies the Crown Prince for his prayers and sticks the paper man on his back.

After witnessing her people being enslaved, the princess now known as Qin Chuan (Zhao Lusi) makes a vow to save them as she embarks on a search for the spiritual lamp. Qin Chuan gives the ambergris to Er Meng. He struggles to quietly get out of the room and move to a forest to subdue the unsealed forces in his body. Zi Chen wants to leave the mountain. After having just sat through 58 episodes of Eternal Love, I’m happy with a shorter fantasy and romance drama for a change. It is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Sounds like my cup of tea. Jiu Yun feels if Qin Chuan is treated like a god that can rebuild Li, then she wouldn’t dare to see her failures. She then vanishes into it. Title: Jiu Yun tries to get Qin Chuan not to think of the spiritual lamp and her country all the time but to live for the moment. Will Qin Chuan still choose her people at, Having gotten attuned to seeing the two leads in light comedies like Zheng Yecheng in, and Zhao Lusi who’s followed up her first starring role in.

Xuan Zhu meets up with Qin Chuan. Er Meng pulls her to safety and distracts his brother by pretending to have caught the intruder. Jiu Yun asks Qin Chuan for her mirror by claiming to have lost his. The Killing of Three Thousand Crows His mirror reflects back the fireball. The Dragon King is losing. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Set in the ancient era, Zuo Xiang, an official from the Great Yan, colludes with ... 1 of 1 people found this review helpful. The latter‘s seals are then broken. Xiangqu Mountain is the land of the immortals. The Dragon King defeats Xiangqu Mountain Master who turns into a little snake. chronicles the life of Qin Chuan, a princess of the Great Yan who loses her nation. Qin Chuan arrives to serve Zi Chen. She pokes him with her anesthetic needle when he hugs her from behind. Add the first question. Qin Chuan wants the lamp to save the Dali people. 三千鸦杀. Omg the lantern wick is triggering mostly from the god-awful ending for Guardian. The Demon King knows Zuo Xiang’s killer is not Jiu Yun but someone who has got the spiritual lamp from him.

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But he could sense he is panicking and suspects it has to do with the lamp. Jiu Yun replies she is merely a maid which makes Qin Chuan unhappy. But it is a complicated melody. They wish they could have a happy life together with kids. Qin Chuan is adamant that she doesn’t know what he is talking about and insists on finding the spiritual lamp. Your email address will not be published. But she also discovers it is Jiu Yun who is teaching Bai Zing Ji and tells him to stop. His father arrives to meet them. This is a beautifully written show with a great cast. He wants to resign but the Emperor (Yan Yan’s father) needs his services. Qin Chuan thanks Xuan Zhu for volunteering for the battle. He claims to be regretful of his actions. Looking forward to this! But Er Meng refuses to surrender it to Qin Chuan. The Crown Prince invites Gong Zi Ji to stay in one of his residences and attend the Huachang pageant. Qin Chuan drops her essence oil bottle during the fight. What a view by … When Jiu Yun awakens, he realizes his spiritual lamp is gone from his pouch.

Er Meng wants a foolproof plan before he unleashes the lamp to fight the demonic camp.

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